Friday, April 18, 2014

Baileys Birthday Cake!

Ok so by all means I am not a professional cake maker! But my little princess came to me and said she wanted a Mini Mouse cake for her birthday this year and so I had to figure something  out! I think I did ok for my first shot at making a character cake! Here are a few pictures of how I put it together and what I used just in case one day someone reads my blog and wants to know :)

Here is all the frosting i bought... I didn't end up using the cupcake icing though it ended up not being the right color so i made my own with my coloring.
This is by far the best for icing colors I have used and I found it a Michael's. They last a long long time, all you do is dip a tooth pick in them and then dip the toothpick into your frosting... A little bit really goes a long way!

Here are all of my cakes laid out. I made two 10 inch cakes one for the face and one to cut the bow and chin out of, then i made two 6 inch cakes for the ears.
Then I mixed all my colors I would need for her.

Then I started to decorate her looking at a picture I pulled up online.

 Here is the finished product. Everyone at the party loved it and my little princess thought I hung the moon! Plus the mix of using yellow cake mix for the face and bow and strawberry for the ears was a plus. Hope this was or will one day be helpful to someone out there in blog land! :) Even tho her birthday was in March and I am way behind on my posting! Enjoy!! If you like my post please follow my blog and share it with your friends! I promise to do a better job of posting!!