Friday, April 18, 2014

Baileys Birthday Cake!

Ok so by all means I am not a professional cake maker! But my little princess came to me and said she wanted a Mini Mouse cake for her birthday this year and so I had to figure something  out! I think I did ok for my first shot at making a character cake! Here are a few pictures of how I put it together and what I used just in case one day someone reads my blog and wants to know :)

Here is all the frosting i bought... I didn't end up using the cupcake icing though it ended up not being the right color so i made my own with my coloring.
This is by far the best for icing colors I have used and I found it a Michael's. They last a long long time, all you do is dip a tooth pick in them and then dip the toothpick into your frosting... A little bit really goes a long way!

Here are all of my cakes laid out. I made two 10 inch cakes one for the face and one to cut the bow and chin out of, then i made two 6 inch cakes for the ears.
Then I mixed all my colors I would need for her.

Then I started to decorate her looking at a picture I pulled up online.

 Here is the finished product. Everyone at the party loved it and my little princess thought I hung the moon! Plus the mix of using yellow cake mix for the face and bow and strawberry for the ears was a plus. Hope this was or will one day be helpful to someone out there in blog land! :) Even tho her birthday was in March and I am way behind on my posting! Enjoy!! If you like my post please follow my blog and share it with your friends! I promise to do a better job of posting!!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

In Love With The Beauty!

So... I am so excited to share some pictures of some work that is being done by my friend. She runs a company called Stiles By DKL and she truly is an amazing and talented woman! She does everything from tile murals and piggy banks, to hand etched wine, beer and coffee glasses and vases to glass bottles! I am so in love with all of the work that she does and I am also so excited to be a part of her marketing and sales! Regardless of my involvement in her endeavor I am amazed by everything that she puts out! Every idea and each glass is truly a work of art and a unique piece of beauty! I have ordered some for myself and i strongly encourage you to do the same!! There are a few different ways that you can view her work.

If you are lucky enough to get over to the Facebook page and like the page before she gets to 500 Likes you will be entered to win a custom glass of your own! You can design it or have the amazing creative mind of my dear friend do it for you. Below you will find a few examples of her work! Be sure to go over to her page to see more!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Fish Tank Craft!

So what do you do on a snowy day??? CRAFT! YAY! About a week ago we got a pretty good bit of snow and our temps were in the single to below 0 range so we made Fish Tanks out of paper plates!

What you need:

  • 2 Paper plates per tank
  • your choice of paint colors
  • glitter
  • pipe cleaners
  • pom poms 
  • googly eyes
  • glue
  • other small craft supplies you want to use for rocks or any other decor! 
Paint and design your fish tank on one plate how ever you crafty heart desires! Then cut the bottom out of the second plate and glue it to the first plate upside down so it forms a "window" for your aquarium! It is a simple craft but so cute and the kids and i had so much fun talking about all the different animals that live in the sea while we were doing it! You could even go as far as getting sand / dirt from  outside and gluing it to the bottom for the sea floor... we would have but all our dirt is covered in snow.
                                                            Made by my 7 year old
                                                   Of course mommy had to make one too!
But nothing can compare to the magical art of my 2 year old :) most beautiful aquarium i have ever gazed into!

Hope you all enjoyed the craft! 

My first Post!

Hello Internet world! I am new to this and would like to thank anyone who is reading this in advance for taking the time! This blog is going to be my journey with my kids, friends and family! I love to cook so there will be lots of recipes! The kids and I do crafts a lot so be ready for some of those too! Plus what parent doesn't have the day to day struggles with naps, bedtime, picky eaters and other joyous problems that Mommy's and daddy's never knew existed until we became parents! I am no expert on any of the above mentioned topics and I will never claim to be... they say 2 heads are better then one, well why not take to the web and make hundreds or thousands of heads better then 1 :)   So again welcome to my blog and I hope you enjoy it!